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Felt handbags are more environmentally friendly and durable
Sep 05, 2018

With the increase of new energy sources, relevant departments continue to promote environmental protection and energy conservation, but environmental pollution is still increasingly serious. In order to get rid of this white pollution, the environment around us has become better, and many environmentally conscious people have begun to develop new products, including a new product called a felt handbag.

Made of wool felt, it is durable and can be recycled 100%. It can be folded for easy storage. Felt material, not washable when cleaning, just wipe gently with a damp cloth. We classify felt handbags into environmentally friendly products because it has the most environmentally-friendly function that plastic products do not have. Its natural degradation time is much lower than plastic bags, so the felt handbag made of wool has been recognized as the most affordable green shopping bag.

The reason why felt handbags have considerable practicality, in fact, the reason is also due to the small parts of the equipment and instruments.

The impact of this, and thus more effectively improve the good use of this product. The same is true for felt products.

Under the complicated application, there are often many small details that need more maintenance. At this time, the anti-slip products of wool felt are also used. Because of the looseness of each product under long-term application, it is necessary to install an effective anti-consolidation. The related products used in the instrument are effective to avoid the occurrence of bad application. The gaskets, gaskets, blocks, etc. made of wool felt play this anti-slip effect, and are durable, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant, which are irreplaceable for other materials.

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