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Parameter distinction of felt
Sep 05, 2018

Felt bag refers to the use of felt materials produced by the bag, the majority of the main material is felt material, plus metal and leather decoration of various shapes, this product should pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times.

Wool fiber has special reducibility and elasticity, so that regular maintenance of wool products, than other natural fiber and artificial fiber products more durable, must be the correct maintenance of wool felt fabric, this can ensure that the shape and feel of a long time like new.

The use of high-quality soft wool brush to remove the appearance of dust, can ensure the bright color and appearance of wool felt fabric, make wool fabric rest from time to time, conducive to wool fiber has time to breathe, restore natural characteristics. Wool fibers are naturally very good stain resistance, but if you do not carefully stain the time, to use semi-dry towel treatment to prevent traces. Do not rinse wool products with hot water or bleach. In the collection, be sure to wash clean, and thoroughly dry, sealed packed on the line, in the washing time to use cold water, not bleach powder and other chemical mixtures to bleach.

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