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Processing of felt bags
Sep 05, 2018

Felt material needed for felt DIY

Light grey felt, choose thick cloth, 19 inches long and x10.5 inches wide. Light grey looks relatively high in woolen bags DIY production steps:

1) lay the felt on the table, place it on the felt, and set it on the edge. Wrapped in crimp felt, 3 inches of cloth at the top as a cover cloth. Draw the cutting line with the tailor pen and ruler, and cut off the excess cloth.

2) draw the petal shape (or crescent shape) with the pen at the edge of the covering cloth, and cut it neatly.

3) remove and stitch both sides of the felt bag with sewing machine.

4) a pair of hidden buckle on each side of the felt felt is covered with a cover. It

5) A plastic buckle is sewn between the middle of the package mouth and the middle of the package cover, and then a 8-inch colored cord or elastic band is used to make a buckle rope, which is fastened to the button. At this point, the whole production of felt bags is completed.

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