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What are the basic characteristics of felt machines?
Sep 05, 2018

Felt machine mainly uses its triangle or other shape cross-section, at the same time on the edge of the needle with a barb hook, natural wool or recycled cotton, fiber and cotton and other long fiber and fiber mesh repeatedly puncture equipment, its performance is very good, then what is the basic characteristics of felt machine? This article gives a detailed introduction.

(1) Felt machine is suitable for all kinds of fibers, after mechanical entanglement will not affect the previous characteristics of the fiber, flexible entanglement between fibers, with very good dimensional stability and elasticity.

(2) Felt machines can be applied to paper making blankets, greatly improving the use time.

(3) The permeability and filter ability of the felt machine are very good.

(4) The hand feel of the terry product is very full, without any pollution, the material can be recycled.

(5) Felt machines can produce all kinds of geometric patterns or stereoscopic products according to needs.

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