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What are the basic materials for making woollen felt?
Sep 05, 2018

1, the basic materials for making wool felt are: pins, wool, worktables and other accessories.

2. The uses of different materials are:

1) wool: the main body of wool felt and the basic component of wool felt.

2) poking needle: used for setting wool into a specific appearance.

3) worktable: used for poking wool felt.

4) others: others, such as eyes and ribbons that can be used to decorate wool felt.

3, wool felt is a new and popular manual in China. Making use of wool materials dolls, dolls, groceries, jewelry, accessories, felt and other magical works of hand.

Wool felt is made of wool. It is the oldest form of fabric recorded in human history. The historical records can be traced back to at least 6500 BC. It has a history of at least 8000 years. It belongs to non-woven fabric. It was used by human beings earlier than textile and knitting technology. The wool is soft and strong. It has good elasticity, comfortable touch and good reducibility. Because wool felt products folded, they can quickly restore the original shape, not easy to deformation. In addition, its fiber structure can be tightly knotted, its strength and toughness characteristics do not need through knitting, sewing and other processing, can be completely integrated into a shape.

Wool felt handicraft also known as wool felt DIY, is the use of wool felt materials to make a variety of handicraft works, can be dolls, dolls, groceries, jewelry, accessories, felt and so on. Wool felt is very popular in Europe, America, Japan and other countries because of its rich color, simple manufacture and uncomplicated tools. Wool felt handmade in China is still a fresh manual category.

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