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What are the characteristics of the oil absorbing felt bags?
Sep 05, 2018

Oil-absorbing felt pack can effectively deal with oil spill, is a very common equipment, its performance is very good, the scope of application is very wide, then what is the performance characteristics of oil-absorbing felt pack? This article gives a detailed introduction.

In the emergency treatment of oil spill on the water surface, the common method is to recover the overwhelming majority of the oil spill with mechanical equipment first, and then collect a small amount of residual oil on the water surface with oil-absorbing felt pack, which is often used in areas where the mechanical equipment can not reach and where the oil spill dispersant can not be used because of the sensitivity to secondary pollution. Use oil absorbing felt to remove spilled oil.

(1) The proportion of oil absorbing felt bags is small and can float to the surface of water.

(2) Multi-gap lipophilic, with a strong oil absorption performance, water absorption capacity is very poor, while absorbing oil felt oil absorption, water can be discharged.

(3) Oil-absorbing felt has the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and there are very few harmful gases after combustion.

(4)The oil absorption properties of oil absorbing felt bags are very good and can be used repeatedly.

_It is suitable for adsorbing lighter oil and most chemical liquids with lighter specific gravity, and for adsorbing oils with high viscosity.

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