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What is the application scope of industrial felt bags?
Sep 05, 2018

Industrial felt packs are made of the shrinkage characteristics of wool produced by machining and bonding, this material is very elastic, but also has good adhesion, is not easy to loose, can be cut into various shapes of parts, then what is the scope of application of industrial felt packs? 

The structure of the industrial felt package is very compact, with relatively small pores, at the same time, in manufacturing, for the thickness is not restricted like the interwoven fabric, can be used as a better filter material, its wear resistance is very good, can be used as polished material, felt has better flexibility, can reach the specified length. It can be used for leather rolling and paper pulping.

Industrial felt packages are usually used in industrial construction, can be used as shock, polishing, insulation and sealing, and so on. This kind of industrial felt packages have better adhesion, not easy to loose, this kind of felt thermal insulation is very good, can be used as thermal insulation materials, felt can be used as a thermal insulation. Sealing applications, industrial felt packs can also be processed into punchable parts of various shapes, and can be used in different areas of requirements.

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