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Advantages Of Felt Bags
Sep 05, 2018

Like felt bags, today's girls will step on a bag when they go out. The bag made of felt is not only beautiful and generous, but also not very high in price. Moreover, the raw materials of felt can be used twice, and it is also a contribution to environmental protection. Color wool felt bag is very popular with women in recent years. Wool felt bag is not only fashionable, but also very practical. Next, I will introduce the advantages of wool felt bag.

The wool felt is made of wool felt bag. The main material of the whole package is felt, with metal, leather and other decoration of a variety of shapes, felt bag is in fact recognized by European and American low-carbon environmental protection products, felt is no scratch on any product. And much more exquisite fashion is the best feature of felt bag. Felt packs made from natural wool are elastic and can be used as shock-proof, sealing, cushioning and elastic steel wire carding felt materials, and can also be used to produce felt packs. Because felt has very good sticky.

In addition, the felt also has very good thermal insulation performance, so it can be used as thermal insulation materials. Felt pack has compact structure and small pores, so it can be used as an excellent filter material; in addition, felt also has very good wear resistance, so it can be used as polishing material.

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