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Felt Christmas Pendant
Sep 05, 2018

Felt pendant, every girl likes to germinate small objects, recently the hot wool felt on the Internet is also the hearts of girls, wool made of small germ hair let people can not let go, try to see such a small toy who can resist? Whether at home or abroad, there are wool felt studios, made of wool felt vivid image, and can be compared with the real thing. Lovely wool felt can be bought either online or in physical stores, and it will make more sense if we can make this germinating little thing ourselves.

Wool felt, as its name implies, is made of wool, because wool is good or bad, the quality of things made will be different. It is suggested that beginners try their best to use good quality wool, because good wool will make it easier for beginners to make and shape things better. Making wool felt requires a variety of colors of wool and brushes, as well as a dedicated needle and foam workbench, conditional girls can buy a pair of finger covers to protect the hand. First, take out a piece of wool and stick it with a needle on the foam table until you get the shape you want. Be careful to keep your hand from being hurt by the needle during the process. Poke out the shape you want, and then modify it according to the image you want to make of wool felt, such as using glue to stick your nose or eyes to the wool felt, and when necessary, use a brush to draw hard-to-stick parts like red cheeks. Finally, if you want your wool felt to be your key ring, you need to hang a rope or chain on it, so you just need to attach a rope to the top of the wool felt, of course, the premise of this step is that your wool felt must be poked in place, not let it loose and difficult to attach the rope.

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