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The Most Comprehensive Maintenance Method For Felt Bags
Sep 05, 2018

Wool fibers have unique reducibility and elasticity, making wool products that are regularly properly maintained more durable than other natural and man-made fibers. Please take care of wool felt according to the maintenance instructions on the commodity tag.

This ensures that the shape and touch feel as long as new. High quality soft wool brushes are often used to remove surface dust to maintain the bright color and appearance of wool felt fabrics. Let the wool fabric rest at irregular intervals, so that wool fibers have time to breathe and restore natural properties. Wool fibers are naturally stain-resistant, but if stains are not carefully stained, use semi-dry towels for treatment to avoid leaving traces. Do not wash wool products with warm, hot water or bleach. If you want to knead, please do it gently, so as not to damage fiber quality. If the surface of wool ball due to friction, directly cut off with small scissors can, will not affect the appearance of wool felt fabric. When you collect it, please clean it and dry it completely and seal it well. Wash in cold water. Bleach and other chemical agents should not be used for bleaching. Only select pure wool logo and neutral detergent without bleach.

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