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What Are The Characteristics And Functions Of Felt Bags?
Sep 05, 2018

The felt pack made of natural wool is elastic and can be used as shock-proof, sealing, padding and elastic steel wire carding felt. It can also be used to produce felt pack. Felt has very good adhesive properties, so it is not easy to loose, can be punched into various shapes of parts; in addition, felt also has a very good thermal insulation performance, so it can be used as insulation materials. Felt pack has compact structure and small pores, so it can be used as an excellent filter material; in addition, felt also has very good wear resistance, so it can be used as polishing material.

Felts can be used separately because of their different densities and specifications after shrinkage bonding. Felts can be used to stamp various felt parts because of their compact density and stable performance. Felts have very good flexibility, so they can reach the specified length and can also be used. Fish Leather Rolling belt, paper pulp suction belt; felt bag insulation performance is very good, so it can be made into various specifications of felt insoles; in addition, felt bag also has good moisture retention, and it has very good flexibility, so it can be made into automotive doors and windows sealing strip, can also be used as a central door and window Seals are used.

Because there is no warp-knitting in the production process of felt package, it has very good filtration, and can be used to absorb oil, the bottom of tanker oil barrel mostly uses felt package to keep the ship clean; using felt package to pack machine parts, with high whiteness, good shock resistance, muffling and other characteristics, and press The size of felt can also be modulated into the rhythm of musical instruments.

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