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Wide Application Of Felt Bags
Sep 05, 2018

Felt fashion technology and culture has extended to all corners of the world, from people's daily use of handbags, clothing, and even infiltration of home textiles and other comfortable daily life of people closely related industries. The plasticity and environmental protection of felt have been recognized by fashion designers. Nowadays, in any aspect of public life, any content, anything, or even any mood can be blended with fashion technology. Clothes, shoes, hats, backpacks, decoration and decoration can be very fashionable, and colored wool felt has been absorbed into these areas, naturally closely linked with fashion. Coloured woollen blankets are also widely used in various fashion bags. It can engrave a computer bag, knapsack, handbag and so on. Can woolen blankets make felt coasters? Answer: As long as the pattern is simple and can be used as abrasives, it can be, wool felt can not be laser cutting, cutting edges will be particularly ugly burning marks, wool felt can only be die cutting. Wool felt is a kind of sheet made of some chemical fibers or animal hair, which is extruded, rubbed and densified by grooving machine. Most of them are woolen felt. Wool felt is made of long and short wool. The higher the quality and density, the finer the wool quality and the higher the price. The bag made of felt material is felt bag.

Most of the main material is felt, with various decorative styles such as metal and leather.

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